About us

In 1990 architects Elke Hackel-Kaape and Alfredas Trimonis founded hkt –  architects to devote their extensive and various experiences, skills and competencies to their upcoming projects.

With enthusiasm and conviction for each and every of our projects we meet the challenges and wishes put forward by our clients. We are motivated by the idea, that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives – at work, in private or public. Architecture originates from the needs of people, materially as well as spiritually. Architecture means form, individuality, innovation, and dynamic for us. Excellency in the conception as well as in the execution are the centre of our approach. We work at all scales and in all sectors with the ambition to develop an efficient and function – oriented solution for every project. We design innovative work and living spaces that work in synchronicity with their environment.


Press (selection): Year
Architektur & Wirtschaft 1999
Berliner Woche 2004
Vogue 2005
GALA 2005
Wohnträume 2006
Zuhause Wohnen 2007
Für Sie 2007
Wohnen- das Österreichische Wohnmagazin 2007
Deutsche Verlagsanstalt: Life & Style 2007
Deutsche AD 2007
Berliner Woche 2010
Berliner Woche 2011
Der Tagesspiegel 2011
Baubericht Holzbau 2012
architektur Berlin – 2012 2012
architektur Nord – 2012 2012
Italiensche AD-2012 2012
modern Architecture & urban Context-2014 2014